BOMA Project of Northern Kenya hires Hathaway Communications

BOMA participants of Northern Kenya work closely with BOMA Village Mentors to write a business plan and to learn key skills like record keeping, marketing, savings and group dynamics. Upon approval of their business plan, each business group receives a start-up grant.

I am really excited to make this announcement! I have  long known of the good work of the BOMA Project, a remarkably effective, Vermont-based organization working in Northern Kenya. Working with some of the world’s poorest people  to start and maintain their own businesses through education,  micro-grants and on-going mentoring programs, BOMA is changing the lives of tens of thousands of Kenyans for generations to come. My fellow Vermonter, Kathleen Colson founded BOMA with two main principles (from the BOMA website):

One: Sustainable income is the most promising development strategy for people who live in the world’s poorest and hardest places.

Two: Any long-term solution must be embraced and led by locals in order to succeed.

This year marks the 5th year of BOMA’s RURAL ENTREPRENEUR ACCESS PROJECT (REAP) in Nothern Kenya.

In just five years, REAP has

  • launched and mentored 1,145 businesses,
  • which has benefitted nearly 4,000 women
  • who support 19,800 children,
  • resulting in 23,000 individuals lifted out of extreme poverty.

In just 5 years!

The results of BOMA programs are staggering. I look forward to telling the more of their story in the coming year.

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