The WriterUnderground Interviews Me on the Challenges and Rewards of Implementing a Social Media Strategy

One of the first and best fly-fishing blogs on the web (where else would it be?), is hosted by the brilliant  Tom Chandler. Tom started TroutUnderground right around the time I started at The Orvis Company when blogs and social media were not yet on the radar for most companies.

Tom Chandler with his wife Nancy, who his many loyal readers simply know as "the L&T".

Knowing how powerful they are, I skimmed most of the fishing blogs everyday for Orvis mentions and opportunities. Because of that,  I can  say this with authority:  Of all the fishing blogs, Tom connects with his readers like no other.  Just last week he shared with his readers his journey to Ethiopia to adopt his daughter’s recently discovered sister. Not the stuff of your everyday fishing blog.

Tom  interviewed me on his other blog The WriterUnderground on  my experience in advocating for and later establishing a social media strategy at the Orvis Company.

Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Orvis has created a podcast (which just saw its two-millionth download), multiple blogs, and Facebook and Twitter accounts (it already had an active email program). Which have been most effective for Orvis?

For the quality of the engagement, for now, it’s the podcasts. Social media, when done right, humanizes your brand. Rosenbauer has done something truly great here that transcends the conventional customer-retailer relationship. He has built a community around his podcast and I believe our listeners feel he is more like a fishing buddy than a brand representative. That’s the goal. To connect with people in an honest, meaningful way around the Orvis brand. Orvis is lucky to have Tom and Tom is lucky that Orvis gives him such freedom to be exactly who he is. There is no one besides Tom and me deciding how we talk to thousands of anglers everyday.

Read the entire interview here.

Thanks, Tom!

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